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At Mobile Auto A/C we recharge and regas most make & models of vehicles. We provide a professional, friendly and mobile service, covering East London and the surrounding areas. We are fully qualified city & guilds and FGAS certified, and have the most recent new up-to-date equipment & technology to deal with all types of gases and refrigerants. We specialise in vehicle air con recharge/regas, servicing, anti-bacterial and odour removal, as well as diagnostics and minor repairs to most make and models of vehicle air conditioning system’s including hybrid and electric vehicles including vans. So give us a call and let us keep you travelling cool and fresh.

Good prices

We offer our services at the best prices possible, not only being competitive but also ensuring you get the best service possible.

Qualified team

Ask about our qualified team; we’re all City & Guilds and FGAS certified.

What we do for you


Recharging the air con means replacing the used/lost refrigerant. It’s sometimes known as an air con ‘regas’.

Full air conditioning service

Recharge and a comprehensive 20-point check of the air con system.

Anti-bacterial & Odour removal treatment

Over time the air con begins to generate unusual smells which are accustomed to. We can help clear that odour, leaving your car’s ventilation smelling as good as new.

Ozone shock treatment

Does your vehicle’s interior smell of old cigarette smoke, bad pet odours, vomit, mould, damp or any other nasty smell? Ozone shock treatment is the most effective chemical-free broad based sanitising method available to completely rid any nasty smelling odours & viruses, leaving your whole vehicle smelling clean and fresh.


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0793 64 65 66 0


We’re a mobile team, so we can come to you if you’re in East London or surrounding areas.


Feel free to give us a call on the number above or leave an email.

Please note, all visits that result in the vehicles not being recharged, due to a leak or fault in the vehicles conditioning system, there will be a minimum charge of £20 for the call out.